Sunday, 26 June 2016

Midsummer Week

A Week Of Midsummer Maddness....

Midsummer Solstice is a special time for me, I love the longest day of the year, a time to celebrate the light and the wheel of the year turning and this year as an added treat full moon as well.
This is my new year, I like to celebrate this Equinox as the beginning of new things, ridding myself of those things that I have carried and no longer need and bringing attention to the life and abundance there is to see at this time of year.
Unfortunately this year there was no balmy walk in the meadow to pick flowers and I had to be content with warm socks and being snuggled on the sofa making flowers instead!

The best I could do was dream of the warmth and whilst I knitted stitch by stitch I gave thanks for the 
blessings I have and released all that had served me well.

Three soon became a bowlful....

They were added to hairbands ready for the school fete at the weekend, and so began fending the girls off them so that they could make it there as a complete dozen!

These were also completed for the fete.
I created this pattern about four years ago or maybe it was five,when a lady messaged me having bought one of my mice and asked if I could make her was one of those moments where I typed back "of course I can" by return and then panicked just how I was going to do that!
These little creatures have now been shipped all over the world and I am still surprised each time I make one at how once their noses are felted they each take on a character of their own...

The weather here like most of the country I am sure is more like April than June....we have soggy sheep and hay waiting to be cut,  never mind the bees that are struggling to fly and forage through the very heavy showers.
I did however find this beauty of a rain trap, a spiders web collecting the drops, it caught my eye as I was getting in and out the car ferrying the children to various activities this week, each tiny drop like a jewel in the grass.

I adore the pink blush to these grasses in the meadow at the moment, the contrast to the greens is gorgeous and one I would love to capture in a yarn....happy colours.

Meadow grasses with rain clouds waiting to burst.

With all the discord that's been hanging like a cloud over the country this week I created a little love in a bowl instead....
I am delighted with these little felted hearts and my head is spinning with all the ideas of what I am going to do with them and what greater things they may become.

My last piece of creation this week was altering my eldest Prom dress, always a slightly nervous occupation but particularly when you are a bad mother and leave it till a few hours before she is due to wear it!
All was well though and it looked gorgeous on her as she made me very proud and feel old as she partied off to celebrate the end of exams.

This was just some of the creations that I took to the fete yesterday.
Again the rain played its  hand, I firstly set up in the playground in brilliant sunshine only to dismantle my display 10mins later due to the heavens opening and for the rest of the time being indoors in the dry, whilst some of the other stall activities continues to dance around the showers.
I had a lovely time, was overwhelmed by a few of the children and their comments at what I had created and given plenty to think about as was asked if I would teach one little girl to knit..

Today I have had a day off all the running around and a family day has been spent eating, laughing and catching up...
I have also cast on an exciting project for an exhibition later in the year, but that's another story!.....

I send you love for the coming week and hope we all stay a little drier....


  1. Wow you are so clever, I love those Hedgehogs x

    1. Thank you for commenting, it makes a huge difference to get a response, it's very much like talking to myself!
      Pleased you like them xx

  2. Reading your blog today was like a little injection of ☀ sunshine xx

    1. Thank you Tracy, we certainly need the sunshine and I am delighted this has bought a little to you. Xx

  3. Loving the hedgehogs -very cute x You are a very talented lady!

    1. Thank you Gill, and welcome to my world xx

  4. Those hedgehogs are adorable!

  5. Your so clever! I want a hedgehog now ahah x